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Happiness Diaries Episode 30 - Tim (Tajikistan/Uzbekistan)

Tim is the other half of the travel twosome Gravel for Breakfast. And while he didn't have to learn to ride during their journey like his P.I.C he did something just as bold, something so many in the world find it impossible to do, take a break and use the opportunity to evaluate your life and career and decide and shape how you want it to look in the future. As a couple Tim and Janneke are perfectly matched, similar in so many ways and yet with interests and hobbies that push each other to learn and grow. Janneke never dreamed of riding? Meet Tim. Tim hates camping and didn't understand why anyone would sleep on the ground? Meet Janneke. Really hoping to catch up with these legends and see where their return to real life has lead!

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Happiness Diaries Episode 29 - Janneke (Tajikistan/Uzbekistan)

Janneke is one half of the dynamic duo Gravel for Breakfast riding their Honda Africa Twin 750s in a big 'S' from the Netherlands to Kyrgyzstan, back west through to Turkmenistan and then across to India. In one of the boldest travel stories I've heard she essentially learned to ride during the first leg of their trip... then proceeded to continue another 30,000 kilometers! It was inspiring to see a couple who had settled into the standard life cycle prove that it is possible break the mold and take the time to escape, adventure, and re-vitalize their lives.

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Happiness Diaries Episode 28 - Gerhardt (Kyrgyzstan/Tajikistan)

Gerhardt is an Austrian man with tons of experience in Central Asia having worked in the printing business in Turkmenistan for decades. As a young man he traveled far and wide by motorbike, but before beginning this voyage from India to Austria he hadn't ridden in 20 years! Grabbing the bull by the horns he flew directly into a busy indian metropolis and weaved his way through pakistan, china, kyrgyzstan, tajikistan before his beloved DR350's motor blew up in turkmenistan. Able, willing, and generous I had an incredible time sharing a few days with him, and then a night sampling his delicious rum collection back at his home near Vienna.

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Happiness Diaries Episode 27 - Jan Eelco (China/Kyrgyzstan)

The other half of Journey of Wonder Jan Eelco is a big smiling Dutchman who has been living in Indonesia running an adventure and rafting company with his wife Iyel for a long time. While I was nervous about so much time with a family, I would not have made it through China without their help! I couldn't have asked for better people to spend time with, to learn from, and to experience all the highs and lows china had.

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Happiness Diaries Episode 26 - Iyel Kouldis (China/Kyrgyzstan)

Iyel is from Indonesia and alongside her husband Eelco they have done something absolutely wonderful with their two kids: Dropped everything at home and driven their Mitsubishi "Cappuccino" from Indonesia across to Africa and Europe and are now continuing to meander around the world. This is incredibly inspiring for all those who believe that once you have kids true worldly adventures must be put on hold as they are living, breathing, and traveling proof that you can! I highly suggest checking them out at

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Happiness Diaries Episode 25 - Brenda Wei (China)

Brenda was the tour guide that joined Journey of Wonder and I on our 7000km trip across China from Laos to Kyrgyzstan. She is also the first person I've talked to that comes from a monumentally different culture and upbringing, and however different that may have been it is incredible how similar the challenges she faces are.

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Happiness Diaries Episode 24: Amy Wainwright (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

Amy is awesome and insightful, and like many people on here I barely know her having spent a grand total of about 3 hours together where I enjoyed her generosity in the form of a peanut butter sandwich and a coffee.... I'll get you back on that one day! In that meeting and in talking online since, it's clear that her confident approach to life leads her towards so many enjoyable and enlightening experiences and her introspective reply to the happiness diaries reflects that.

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Happiness Diaries Episode 23:  Kitti Tantibankul (Phuket, Thailand)

Kitti runs a small camping gear store in Phuket where he and his wife help people get set up for real adventures like the ones they take their children on. Incredibly knowledgeable and helpful, he went above and beyond what any store owner would ever need to do, and I'm eternally grateful.

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Happiness Diaries Episode 22: Bill Fischer (Kings Canyon, Australia)

Bill is recently retired from many peoples dream career: Sportscaster. When he was coming out of school/university gap years weren't a thing, so he's making up for it now exploring the world on the big daddy of adventure bikes while raising funds for a fantastic charity. Set up for real off the grid adventure Bill and his GSA were about to head off on an over 900km offroad stretch between petrol stations when I met them... talk about adventure!

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Happiness Diaries Episode 21: Malcolm Brock (Glendambo, Australia)

Malcolm is a fellow motorbike adventurer that I met in a campground on the way between Adelaide and Yulura, the middle of nowhere essentially. Also travelling alone he was at the beginning of a very arduous trek through some very remote routes around central Aus by himself on his BMW GS1200.

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Happiness Diaries Episode 20: Mitch Hendersen (Sydney, Australia)

Mitch is one of the athletic trainers for the Australian men's Rugby 7's team and is in process of completing his PhD in Physical Sciences. Easygoing and driven, Mitch is always a delight to be around thanks to his massive and infectious grin, and this constant throaty laugh. Mitch has one of the most interesting diaries to date, might start off a little off-beat but he really opens up, this is a must read!

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Happiness Diaries Episode 19: Carlos Denzkel (UK)

Carlos is formerly of the UK armed forces, having moved into property development when his service time came to a close. After some time building a life in England, he realized that now was the best time to explore the world, got a working holiday permit for Australia and began work on solar farms while exploring all the country has to offer. Extremely motivated to succeed, he has moved into a very different career: attempting to build a life and fitness coaching business.

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