10 Feb
Happiness Diaries Episode 44: Christina (Morocco)

In 2018 I made a decision to leave my job, leave my apartment, leave my relationship and go abroad. I had always wanted to travel and never had the nerve. For years I made excuses to other people and to myself. So much so that I had convinced myself those lies were true. It was a way for me to feel okay about not taking a risk and allow fear to keep me from doing something I so desperately wanted to do. Fear to leave the comforts of my life and fear of going against what some people thought was a crazy, irresponsible thing to do. It took me about 4 years of complacency, boredom and frustration to work up the courage to do something that I knew would be the start of my life. I know that sounds insane and cliche. Believe me I hear it but, it’s the truth.

That year was incredible. I made a lot of mistakes and a lot of questionable choices however those mistakes turned to life lessons and those choices (thankfully) turned into fantastic stories. I met the most incredible people and saw some of the most spectacular places. I met people who were bold…like, really bold (in the best way). People who took risks and gave me the courage to take risks too. People who have overcome immense traumas and taught me how to look at the world with another perspective. People who taught me who I wanted to be and others who taught me who I didn’t want to be. People who I jumped off of cliffs with, got drunk with, adventured with, ate amazing food with, got tattoos with, cried with (and to), laughed with and learned with. 

Happiness is different for everyone. For me, I’ve learned that happiness comes from loving the person you are - knowing what you value and what you don’t. It also comes from loving the people you surround yourself with. Understanding what you need and having the courage to make it happen, that is what has allowed for happiness in my life. I hope that whoever is reading this - that you can find the courage to explore and pursue your version of happiness - whatever and wherever it may be.

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