03 Feb
Happiness Diaries Episode 40: Luca (Georgia)

What makes me fell happy in life? Good question! To answer at that could takes hours or just few seconds now.. For me it's easy now, are just few simple words that became may favourite motto and my way of living: Don't dream your life, live your dreams! It sounds so simple now but It took me years to understand that.. Of course you can not always be happy in life but i am trying to take the best from life. I am a totally different person to that one I was before thinking that was not possible to live the life that I am living now, probably I was not brave enough or badly influenced by what society wants you to do. Now I just find my happiness living a simple life out of the comfort zone and trying to realize all my dreams. I spent 8 years away from home, and they were the best of my life with all the good and hard moments but they were lived fully on and the best school ever! When you understand the real value of really basic things that you don't consider on the "normal" life like having something to eat, a hot shower or to sleep under a roof, after that you see everything with different eyes. There are so many different way of happiness, the happiness I get when I climb a mountain, or I see my family or old friends  are totally different from all the emotion that people can give you on the road.. There are no words to describe what strangers that you meet on the road can give at you like receiving help from a completely stranger, an invitation at someone home from people that have nothing in life but they are so humble to share it with you,  a chat with a stranger that can become like a brother,  a simple smile, all these things make me happy in life. I will try to carry on my life like my trip and hopefully keep meeting extraordinary people on my path as it happen when I met this amazing guy with his bike! Live your life with no regrets and respect everybody.

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