HeadsUpGuys is a resource for supporting men in their fight against depression by providing tips, tools, information about professional services, and stories of success. They have a team of clinicians, researchers, and mental health advocates who bring together their expertise and personal experiences to provide you with this unique resource, HeadsUpGuys. HeadsUpGuys is touched by Colby’s amazing endeavour to raise awareness for mental health and support for our resource. We’re excited for Colby’s ride and look forward to sharing and promoting his journey! This campaign will start much needed conversations about depression among men and pathways to better health. 

Supporting Non-Profit

 BOLDLY, more specifically, their Creative Director and Partner Geoff Manton, will be providing content editing support throughout my journey helping my video, photograph, and blog posts be as polished as possible (given my limited skill). As I go along and tell stories about the journey, this team will likely have had their eyes on it first! They have also provided me with support building the website, and taught many skills on how to set up and film or photograph shots for my adventures! 

Digital Content Editing Support

 Cassandra is the proprietor of Twist and Shutter, a Vancouver based photography company specializing in weddings, couples, and families but has a great touch with portrait photography. "I couldn't ask for a better environment to take photos in than the Pacific Northwest. We're lucky to have the forest, sea, mountains and beaches within our reach, and they've become my favourite places to shoot. I'm mainly a natural light photographer, and pick my camera up almost every day. I enjoy big cups of coffee, exploring new places, reading new books (find me on Goodreads!) and trying to keep plants alive." 

Twist and Shutter
Pre-Trip Photography, Photoshop Lightroom preset provider, Photography Instruction

 Mosko Moto is rider designed open source motorcycle luggage for every adventure. Their slogan of 'Soft Luggage for Hard Travel" is 100% true. Drop the bike, drag the bags, cut the bags, and just genuinely beat up their gear and it will live on (probably longer than your bike will!). "For us, bikes are about getting deep into the backcountry in search of epic campsites, or border-hopping through distant parts of the world. They’re about getting off the pavement and out of the comfort zone: climbing mountains, crossing rivers, and traversing deserts. They’re about scratches, dents, and scars, and the stories behind them. They’re about seeing places that can't be seen any other way. We build our gear to accompany you through the roughest terrain and craziest places you'd ever want to ride. It's tough-as-nails and built to take a beating, and we stand behind it with a lifetime guarantee. We want you to ride harder, travel further, go deeper, and push your boundaries, whether riding the dirt close to home or exploring some far-flung region of the globe. See you there." 

Mosko Moto
Motorcycle Luggage Supporter