04 Apr
Happiness Diaries Episode 9: Surfer Chase (Raglan, NZ)

“I’ve spent my life trying to build a person I could be proud of. Someone I would respect and admire were I to meet them in a world. Happiness, and its pursuit, has never been a large part of this enterprise. But Fortunately, I have come to know it in spite of my bull-headedness. Happiness has found me jobless, living in a fan full of surfboards with the woman I have loved for 13 years. I am satisfied with who I am and what I have. Happiness to me, is the peace of not wanting more. “

Chase is a surfing vagabond who works as a Mechanical engineer occasionally remotely as he travels. From Ventura California, he didn’t have the easiest adolescence. Growing up with a strong single mother and his brother, he faced incredible amounts of racism following the 2001 despite not being of the race that was being persecuted. Fighting back against the racism, and the wars that followed, he found himself at odds with many of the very people (close friends included) he was trying to save – the hard working men and women who ended up overseas. After dabbling in trades as a welder, carpenter and set builder Chase found his way back to education and into engineering where he found a small firm to work and grow with enjoying his career… but wasn’t married to it! He left the US and has been travelling with his finace for about a year and really seems to have come to a place where he understands what it is that brings him happiness.

I met Chase at a campground in Raglan, NZ. As I was getting ready for the day he was just on his way in from a morning surf, and he stopped by asking about Robin. An avid motocrosser, motorcyclist, and general motor-head, we had good conversation about cars and bikes and gear and decided to meet for a beer later on. A few drinks shared on a log on the beach, we learned much about what each other has gone through and what has shaped each of us into who we are. Once clear of the 3 separate weddings he’s currently planning, the two of them will be able chase the fulfilling life that travel has helped them realize.

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