29 Jun
Happiness Diaries Episode 19: Carlos Denzkel (UK)

Most people believe the opposite of happiness is unhappiness, I believe the real answer is boredom.

In life everyone has good days and bad days. Everyone encounters bad life experiences, but it’s how you deal with them that matters. When you get knocked down get back up stronger. If there’s something you’re worried about, ask yourself is it within my circle of influence? (Can I do anything to affect the outcome?) If you can’t do anything about it, then don’t worry.

What makes me happy?

If sorted in the way of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs this would be my pyramid:
Top – Lack of prejudice; Level 1 – Morality, Creativity, Acceptance of Facts; Level 2 – Self Esteem, Confidence, Respect; Level 3 – Friendship, Sexual Intimacy; Level 4 – Family, Health, Property, Job; and level 5 – Food, Water, Breathing, Excretions.

I have shelter, food, water, oxygen, good health, sexual intimacy, an amazing family… etc.

I have all the essentials to do survive and do well. Money and material objects don’t make you happy unless you’re happy with yourself in the first place. I’m strongly convinced that if you always have aims and goals, if you focus on self-improvement be non-judgemental to others, be kind to others, travel the world, stretch, run, sing, dance, smile, spend quality time with your loved ones, let the important people in your life know they’re important to you. Don’t choose wealth over health, be your own boss, try and enjoy the journey to your destination. Being appreciative of what you have because once upon a time you worked very hard to be where you are and what you have now. Talk to elderly people, they have a lot of life experience and you might learn a thing or two. Have no regrets, test your comfort zones, open your heart, trust people, and most importantly… LOVE.

To call Carlos outgoing would almost be a discredit to the word, he is so friendly and socially confident it rubs off on everyone around him. Able to join in or carry a conversation with nearly anyone about almost anything, he has an innate ability to relate to people from many backgrounds. Carlos is also a wee bit of a fitness freak; despite traveling he still manages to push out 20km and longer runs on a regular basis and has a frequent morning bodyweight exercise routine... which is the last thing on my mind most days! From a background in the armed forces to a post service career of housing development, Carlos has always been extremely motivated to succeed, which will be invaluable in the new small business he is attempting to build - a mind and body fitness center primarily devoted to improving peoples mental health while pushing their bodies to new limits. His philosophy is that the biggest part of developing peoples bodies is actually above the shoulders "you need to motivate your mind and the body will follow". While a website doesn't exist yet, for some motivation you can find him on instagram @carlosakadenzel .

I met Carlos the first time on a Whitsundays trip on the east coast of Australia as we were both signed onto the sailboat 'Samurai' for a 2 day excursion exploring the nearby islands and another night in Airlie beach. After that, I couldn't escape him. From there I drove down to Rainbow Beach where the Fraser Island 4x4 adventures kick off, and not only did he join me for most of the drive, but happened to be on the same 2 night tour! After a week together, we decided a break was needed and waited 2 days before meeting up again in Brisbane for a few nights (while I waited for my bike and he waited for information on potential work), moving off to surfers paradise for a couple nights then reconnecting again in Sydney. I really appreciate Carlos' infectiously loud laugh and continually positive outlook on life, I have no doubt that in his newly desired career path he will build a successful enterprise able to help many people grow mentally and physically.

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