15 Jun
Happiness Diaries Episode 17: Jacy Clarke (Auckland, NZ)

“Happiness is not something ready made, it comes from your own actions” – Dalai Lama

You ask what does happiness mean to you?

Well to be perfectly honest happiness for me is something that I have to constantly work for. It is not a sure feeling for me. But at the base of it, it’s not one absolute thing that brings me happiness. It is a state of many small moments that make up each and every day. It’s moments like making people around me smile and taking care of them, doing well at work, enjoying the small moments and laughs and memories with people who mean the most to me. A joke with friends, a small “hows it going?” message, good food and good wind, spending quality time with friends and family, feeling proud when people I care about accomplish their dreams and making people happy. This also includes even teeny tiny moments like making the perfect coffee, a good hair day, or even doing my nails really well. Fundamentally, what gives me happiness is the happiness of others and knowing I did all I can in that day to be a decent human being. The day resets every morning and its up to me to make the best of it. Some days are harder than others, but the best days are always full of the unexpected happy moment!

Jacy is a family friend I’ve known since childhood, my Uncles best friends daughter that lived half a world away, but we met on a couple occasions (to the point I was at 12 years old described to her schoolmates as her mysterious Canadian fiancé). Things haven’t always been so carefree and fun for Jacy though; after what could be described as a rebellious adolescence, she was pushed to join the New Zealand armed forces in order to hopefully find some direction and order in life. And while the armed forces did drill many life lessons into her, during time spent serving in various engagements overseas she unfortunately was witness to the worst of humanity. Now done with her service, Jacy has put the newfound work ethic to good use and is building a strong career in event management while continuing to push for more things that keep her in the right mindspace.

Jacy has a heart the size of a horse, as I’m sure you gathered from what she says makes her happy. She’s the type of person who bends over backwards to help someone, including myself while I was in Auckland. From touring me up to a friends backpackers for a weekend to picking me up at the airport and organizing a room at her parents place, to introducing me to her friends Jacy made sure I was kept busy! Her bright and bubbly nature and contagious laughter always lighten a day, and I can see why she is loved by such a large group of friends and coworkers.

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