The Happiness Diaries #MilesforMinds

Happiness Diaries Episode 17: Jacy Clarke (Auckland, NZ)

If there's anyone I've met thus far that definitely deserves to catch a break, its Jacy. After a rebellious adolescence, she ended up joining the Army which helped her find some structure in life at the cost of witnessing the horrors of humanity first hand. Once free from the army, she found herself trapped in an abusive relationship. Once free from that, she bounced around the world (UK, USA, Canada...) looking for direction, that never really was found. A survivor who has battled depression and what I can only assume is PTSD, Jacy has gotten herself into a good place and is growing into finding where she wants to be.

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Happiness Diaries Episode 13: My Dad - Doug Ellis (Vancouver, Canada)

I may be a little biased, but my dad is incredible. Now of the retirement field, he travels and sails, and camps, and has gotten back to one of his lifes loves - exploring the world! Having worked hard for a long time, and also been through a lot with his health and his heart, and is someone who truly deserves life to be a little easier... but not less exciting! Him and his brothers may be the exception, not the rule. but they truly embody you're only as old as you feel. Love you dad!

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