28 Nov
Happiness Diaries Episode  1: Nico

What makes me really happy is to ride motorbike, no matter which one cause wind will be always the same. Ride along all the countries on the world, cross borders, feel the power, cross paddels, cros mountains and also get lost anywhere cause is the unique way to find yourself in a world that everything goes to fast...
Buy a second hand bike, buy a cheap helmet and go there and explore the world. I have done It and Lost a lot of things behind, but the only thing that I win is insuperable. It was life !!!"

Nico is from Barcelona, and rode his Honda Transalp all the way from there through France, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Romania, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Kyrygystan, Mongolia and ended up in Vladivostok before making the jump to Vancouver (with some slight bikeless detours through Thailand and Russia). Unfortunately, due to some mishaps in getting the bike into Canada he and his travel companion expended their travel budgets here while waiting for the bikes to clear customs and had to cut their trip short... but that doesn't mean they didn't make some real memories and meet some incredible people. So much so that he has a new goal in life: build a hostel/motorcycle repair shop at the edge of Mongolia in Russia to help all the people like himself who beat their bikes to bits crossing that incredible country.

I met Nico through a fellow Instagrammer Rosie Gabrielle, who put out a message asking if anyone could help out a Spaniard stuck in Vancouver... like any good Canadian i invited the lanky stranger into my home! And boy am i glad i did. Nico is a wealth of information about motorbikes, about travelling, about people... not so much about hockey though! While he may have had to cut his round the world tour short, i have faith he'll finish it in the near future. Determined, aware, and inspired Nico will find a way. Was incredible to meet you and a pleasure to have you!

Check out his adventures here: https://www.facebook.com/mamutsworldtour/

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