My Packing List

As I read through this list on a single page, I realize how ridiculous it looks. Who could possibly need all these individual items?

General Clothes
Is there ever a right amount of underwear and socks? Too many is too heavy, and too few leads to too many inside right, inside out, forward and backward swap arounds. But alas, here is what I'm starting with:
5 - Boxers
5 - Socks
1 - General Shorts
1 - Athletic Shorts
1 - Bathing Suit
2 - Long Sleeve Decent Shirt
1 - Decent Pants
2 - Athletic T-Shirt
2 - General T-Shirt
1 - Ball Cap
1 - Sweatshirt
1 - Waterproof Shell

This is an area I have a hard time saying no to things... where do you draw the line between nice to have, should have, and need to have? Here's what I'm planning for now.

Primary Camera: Sony A6300 + 16-70mm Lens + 20mm Pancake + 55-210 Zoom + 50mm + Tripod
Riding Camera: GoPro Hero 4 Silver + GoPro Session 5
Laptop (TBD, I have two old laptops and I need to pick one to bring)
Lacie Rugged 4TB External Hard Drive
21W Solar Panel for charging Phone/Camera's
Samsung Galaxy S7

And this is where I get to the maybes... any advice I'd appreciate!
GPS vs Hard Maps?
Noise Cancelling Earbuds vs Helmet Mounted communication/ system?
Spot Device vs Satellite Phone?

Camping Gear
I'm well aware this gear could be upgraded to be smaller, but it is what I have so it is what I'm taking:
Jetboil Camping Stove + Coffee Maker insert
1 set general camping gear
Alps Aries 3 Season 3 Man tent - Big enough to bring all the riding gear inside at night.
Alps Crescent 0 degree sleeping bag
Sleeping Mat TBD
Camping Pillow TBD
Water filtration system TBD

Motorbiking Gear (full details available in 'About' section)

1 - Compression Socks
1 - Base Layer TShirt
1 - Base Layer Long Sleeve
1 - Base Layer Pants
1 - Practical Designs Heat Guard (neck protection from sun, and cooling)
1 - Helmet
1 -  Armoured Riding Jacket with Liner
1 - Warm Weather Riding Gloves
1 - Waterproof Riding Gloves
1 - Moose Racing XC1 Base Armor Shorts
1 - Armoured Riding Pants with Liner
1 - Dual Sport/Adventure Riding Boots
1 - Moulded earplugs + extra standard earplugs
1 - Sunnies (yeah, they'll break in the first week. and yeah, I'll probably go through 10 pairs before making it out of Australia. But who doesn't love the fun of finding cheap gas station sunglasses?)

Tools and Spare Parts
This section is highly motivated by the advice of two of my most regularly visited websites:
1) Lea Rieck at 
2) Steve and Jeannette at

Although, despite their hard earned advice, since my first 15-20,000 km are through New Zealand and Australia where motorbike parts are aplenty, I'm going to risk it and save some weight at first leaving some spares to chance and collect them on my way (brake pads, light bulbs, chain & sprocket, tires).

Brake Pads Front
Brake Pads Rear
Rear Sprocket
Front Sproket
Gear Lever
Front Tube
Rear Tube
Sealing Rings
Clutch Disks
Clutch Cable

Tool Roll
Tire Levers
Zap Straps
Gorilla Tape
Tire Repair Kit
Chain Tool
Multi Allen Key (mm)
1/4" Ratchet
1/4" Short Extension
1/4" Long Extension
1/4" to 3/8" Adapter
10mm Wrench
11mm Wrench
12mm Wrench
13mm Wrench
14mm Wrench
17mm Wrench
22mm Wrench
27mm Wrench
7mm Socket
8mm Socket
10mm Socket
11mm Socket
12mm Socket
13mm Socket
14mm Socket
Star Key Set
T-30 Torx Socket
T-40 Torx Socket
Multibit Screwdriver
Needlenose Pliers
Crescent Wrench
Thread Locker
Electrical Tape
Side Cutters

And this needs to fit in...
2 - Standard Side Mounted Panniers
1 - Tool Tube
1 - Trax 32L Top Case
1 - Waterproof Bag (TBD)
2 - Rotopax (1 fuel, 1 water or 2 fuel?)