The Wonderful World of New Zealand

I've been sitting around hostels and beaches and campgrounds trying time and time again to write blog posts about what I've been up to... do I write one for each city? No, too much work and not enough time. Do I write a post for each area? No, too much information to compress down. How do I tell the tales of my adventures in New Zealand without taking away from collecting and creating the Happiness Diaries, working on my Photography, and just getting down to enjoying travelling?

I've decided I'll do it through experiences, sharing single events which have shaped my vacation.

Even this has an incredibly long list of things: Auckland and getting Robin out of the clutches of Customs, accidental detour of 150km through incredible roads, riding Robin down her first stream crossing/river ride and down 90 mile beach, visiting family in... everywhere, beautiful hikes, HOBBITTON. YES, HOBBITON. In 1 month since I got the bike free its a seemingly never ending list. BUT, as the weather has started to turn away from sunny all the time, I promise to do better with these posts and let you all know about the beautiful places!