20 Feb
The Happiness Diaries Episode 3: Jesse

What reason do I have not to be?

Jesse is a candidate for bounce-back king of the world. About a decade ago he was in a serious car accident on his way between Kamloops and Terrace which left him with a significant brain injury. After a long period of recovery including a near year-long stint with the incredible rehab group at GF Strong rehabilitation center in Vancouver he was able to fend for himself escaping the rainy clutches of Terrace to move into the Okanagan. The desert lake-front life has suited him as he is absolutely thriving with his lovely lady and two dogs. Winters spent skiing and sun chasing, summers spent scootering, boating, and paddleboarding... its tough to be Jesse!

I met Jesse as a kid, my uncle Bobs best friend Bobs son under a year older than me. Thanks to the close age group, we quickly became water skiing, tubing, knee boarding, and entirely staying out of trouble buddies on the lake at Club Bob. Since he was from Terrace, which I can accurately describe as the middle of nowhere northern BC, we also did some summer vacations with each other. My first solo-travel experience was up to Terrace for a couple weeks of 50cc dirt bikes, mountain bikes, wood fired hot tubs and lake front fun. Another time Jesse joined my family for a couple weeks touring about Desolation sound on our Catalina 36 'Mystery'. We've never been too close in distance, but we've never been to far apart either and I can't wait for my next adventure with him!

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