28 Mar
Happiness Diaries Episode 8:  Karyn (Henderson Bay, NZ)

“Whanau (family)

Helping people to learn to grow and cook their own food

To be able to be involved in helping here in the far north of Aotearoa NZ to protect our Aquifer and Environment

Meeting the ‘world’ that comes to us at northwind lodge and backpackers”

Karyn is a partner, a mother, a grandmother, and a protector of the future. She is currently working hard to protect the future of the both the Maori heritage, and the general way of life in the North. Currently she is striving to protect their local aquifers and burial grounds from the rapid development of mass production avocado farms in the area (which brings with it chemical sprays, massive water usage, and irreversible land damage)

Karyn, Dooland and I shared a meal and solved all the world problems. From the incoming wave of Avocado farms in their area, to the unbelievable cost of homes for the youth of today, to all forms of mental health issues and the affects they can have on the ones around. I found it hard to leave, we kept talking so freely and easily I could have stayed longer than the 2 days I already did!

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