21 Mar
Happiness Diaries Episode 7: Doolan Kerr (Cape Reinga, NZ)

Kia Ora Koutou – The Patai (question) was asked of me what makes me happy? What is happiness? What makes me happy is the appreciation of where I live (NZ). The positive people around me. The knowing of all my whanau (family) are doing ‘alright’. Happiness is (to me) about being content. Content with the fact of knowing that every action has a reaction. And if you stay positive about your actions, then the reactions are generally positive. But don’t kid yourself – there will be storms every now and then. But its how you deal with the shit that comes your way. Positivity breeds positivity. Storms make you appreciate the good days/weeks/months/years. Money is not everything. Money helps but can be very corrupt and negative at times.

Doolan Kerr is a 52 year old of Maori descent who lives in the northlands. He is the proud father of 4 adult children, and now has 7 beautiful grandchildren and a wonderful Dalmation to occupy his days. Doolan spent the majority of his life as a ranch hand working on farms, but now in ‘retirement’ is managing and maintaining the North wind Lodge while nearby he builds himself a “house for two” and maintains his hobby farm. “I live in the far North of New Zealand where all the best beaches in the world are, I hunt and fish and grow most of my food” – sounds pretty amazing to me!

Doolan is one of the managers of the North wind Lodge in Henderson Bay, New Zealand. North Wind lodge was originally a cathedral-like family home set on 10 acres of prime seafront land on ther northern peninsula. The lodge itself is quaint and homey, but it is really made a fantastic stop by Carl and his partner Karyn. Genuinely good people who delight in conversation and sharing the fantastic secrets of their home area, they take this backpackers and make it a real home for travelers. Anyone traveling in the area, I highly suggest you give them a call, swing by and spend a night (or a week) with them!

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