01 Mar
Happiness Diaries Episode 5: Fortunate Sun (Honduras)

What makes me happy? in no particular order: Humanity, Purpose, Grit, New York City, Learning, Curiosity, Thinking, Observing, Questioning, Exploring, Productive Achievement, Stepping outside of Our comfort Zone, pay it forward. 

We have always wanted to do a sailing trip but it was always "in 5 years we will go". After spending 2 years in New York working in Finance and Engineering, we realized the best time to do whatever you are thinking is right now. So in less than 3 months timespan we bought a boat, sold all of our possessions, quit our jobs and set sail. This trip has been one enormous leap outside of our comfort zones and has allowed us to explore the things that make us happy. We have met many incredible people from different cultures and walks of life. We have been able to hear their stories, lear about their values and purposed. Exploring our curiousities and grinding through the grit of sailing to achieve the reward of a new place to explore is why were doing this trip and what were going to continue to do.

Mike and Rachael are an amazing couple most recently from New York that left their comfortable jobs as a mechanical engineer in 3D printing and a business manager at a major cosmetics company in order to buy a beautiful Jenneau 43’ sailboat 'Fortunate Sun' and explore the Caribbean. Once they’ve sufficiently recharged their batteries and decided that they’ve had enough sun and fun, the pair of them will be heading back home to the Chicago area to get back to the rat race, but with a new perspective on life! You can follow their adventures at www.sail3D.com or on Instagram .

I met Mike and Rachel at anchorage in Guanaja, Honduras. Over the next few days we met up again in Mango Harbour and Jones Bite on Roatan in Honduras and sharing many an evening over beverage, and many an afternoon snorkeling and getting hiking about the woods. In Roatan we were pointed in the direction of a trail to the far side of the island, and we nearly made it too! Unfortunately a zig when we were supposed to zag lead us in a big loop but we managed fantastic views from the top, and a great story! For a pair that started their journey as near rookie sailors, I have so much respect for what they have accomplished to date. They share such an incredible amount of intelligence, determination, and adventure that I don’t doubt in the slightest that after they finish sailing (if they do) they will end up exactly where they want to be, doing whatever it is they decide is best for them, and will have an incredibly rewarding life.

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