20 Feb
Happiness Diaries Episode 4: Chase

Heyyyy! What up? Where up? Happiness is wearing the same clothes everyday. I am all about living simple! Woot Woot!

Chase is an adventurer from Minnesota who worked in the finance department at Target for 3 years before deciding the corporate life wasn't helping him as a person. Currently he is travelling back up to the United States  through Guatemala and Mexico after a 3 week trip with his friends sailing the Caribbean. Next up? taking a year to bicycle (doesn't he know they make ones with motors...) around the US. When he gets home his work life is going to take a sharp U-Turn as he will be pursuing a career in writing. You can follow his tours on Instagram @Vonchaunce and his blog is here.

I met Chase (and his Fortunate Sun friends Rachael and Mike) while sailing through Honduras on the mighty 2nd Chance II. Our first encounter was in Guanaja where they loudly giggled as we had to pull and reset our anchor... and spent a while meandering the bay looking for the best spot to reset. A night or two later we were the best of friends as after some lubrication we sang and danced the night away at the local watering hole. We continued to meet up with Fortunate Sun as we went along the next week... but you'll have to read about that in Episode 5: Fortunate Sun. Chase has done something many don't have the fortitude to do: give up a stable and profitable career to chase a passion. I look forward to reading  the articles as his writing develops and he chases something great!

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