10 Jan
Happiness Diaries Episode 33 - Victoria (Portugal)

Start within yourself. Once you focus and study inwards, you can project the happiness outwards. Meaning, you have to put yourself and your needs first in all situations, so that you can vibrate at the highest frequency attainable for yourself in this lifetime. Pay attention to your soul, feed it. Notice what tempts your ego, and develop discipline to tame it. You have one life in this body so laziness as an absolute evil. For me, yoga, meditation, dancing, and constantly studying psychological research have served as a multitude of projects that I use for pure personal fuel. Taking care of your physical, mental, spiritual well being, you can then spread your intelligence and energy outwards, and affect other people and environments. Every day is different, and our moods change as frequently as the tides of the ocean. We are human, so you have to be honest, accept the emotions for what they are and get to the bottom of analyzing why you feel them. Laugh, forgive yourself for hypocrisies, and realize: no place, person, or thing is happiness- it is the watering and constant growth and death of your own soul, moving effortlessly, up and down, yin and yang. Once you stop learning, you start dying, and happiness is impossible. But happiness is only possible if you know unhappiness. You have to have both positives and negatives interacting with each other to experience a true balance in the long term. It is impossible to be completely happy all the time- you can be balanced and happy if you realize both ends of the spectrum are necessary. This is what makes the beauty and confusion of this human experience what we can all relate to each other on.

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