01 Jan
Happiness Diaries Episode 31 - Tyler Jordan (Australia)
What makes me happy? 

For someone who doesn’t write much, I’m going to struggle to limit this to a quick share. 0

The second I got this question from you Colby, my mind started racing with every tiny little thing that makes me happy, quickly to realize that most of these are temporary happiness pills.  That being said, I believe that happiness to me is a mindset that turns everything into temporary pills of happiness. The mindset that no matter what happens, good/bad or mundane, it’s viewed as a big win! And if your day to day life is made up of constant wins no matter what, that to me is happiness. Of course I have down days and moments like everyone does but my entire life is built around these small consistent wins, be it helping someone in need, a random act of kindness, being grateful for the people i am with, learning a new skill, an adrenaline spike & so forth. 

Happiness to me is a mindset of small consistent wins.

The epitome of 'Go Getter' it was my pleasure to work with this positive ball of energy for a few months last year in Sydney. From early morning pre-work dance parties to hardcore enduro racing, from promoting a healthy routine of clean eating and working out to jumping out of fully functional planes Tyler gets after it... With it in this case being LIFE. Committed to bettering himself and helping others he strongly promotes the idea that you'll never regret investing in yourself, and he lives it too. From Malcolm Gladwell to @richdadpoordad; Massive workouts to after work welding school; he is always pushing his mind and body to be better. With all this though, the best thing about Tyler is easy to be around and is comfortable to talk to about anything. 

For a positive pick me up, find him on Instagram @Tylerjordan56 - Here for one helluva good time. It's all just one big adventure 

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