21 Jun
Happiness Diaries Episode 30 - Tim (Tajikistan/Uzbekistan)

Hi, I’m Tim and I write like a 6-year old. I’m travelling with my badass girlfriend Janneke on an Africa Twin 750 around the world (see the last post!)

I am very much used to be fully self-dependent. I liked to be able to fix whatever problem myself. Asking others always felt like ‘I lost’ to me. Besides, I didn’t want to bother other people with my problems. After all, we are all busy enough with our own lives.

Driving this trip I encountered situations I could not fix myself Turning to others for help was so uncomfortable at first 99% of the people are very happy to help you. In fact they seem to feel rewarded when they can mean something to you. It made me realize 99% of the people are inherently good. Not being so suspicious about the intent of strangers made my days and outlook on life so much better!

In short, never be afraid to ask a stranger for help. It will not only make you happy, but them as well!

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