25 Apr
Happiness Diaries Episode 12: Christine Vogt (Punakaiki, NZ)

The biggest thing that makes me happy is to be in the nature, feel the nature, be part of it. Feel the majesty of the mountains, the roughness of the sea, the rain on the skin, wind, the growth of the plants, the diffence of plants, animals… Happiness happens when I go swimming in the sea or climb in the mountains, biking in the rain or running through the forest. The other big point for sure is loving people. To love somebody and spend time with people. I love and it makes me very happy to share the joys and sorrows with other people, family, friends, and sometimes strangers. Apart of these a lot of little things make me happy like singing , dancing, baking, and eating yummy cakes… a movie, a pretty picture… enough moments of joy can bring real happiness.

Christine is one of the proprietors of a fantastic backpackers in Punakaki, Punakaiki Beach Hostel, and splits her time between there and Golden Bay at the Northwest point of New Zealands South island. Originally from Germany she studied and worked as a Civil (municipal) Engineer back home before moving to New Zealand to follow the love of her life who was running the Beach Hostel. She is a fantastic baker, incredibly patient explaining her vast knowledge of the local area, and a wonderful person to sit and talk with about anything and everything that comes to your mind.

Punakaiki is a little place on the West Coast of the South Island of New Zealand famous for its nature. It’s most famous tourist destinations being the beach, pancake rocks and blowholes…. But there’s a lot more hidden around! Hikes and tramping is galore, there’s beautiful kayaking available up the canyon river, and if you go at low tide there are incredible adventures to be had walking up the coastline jumping in and out from beach to jungle to cave – really Jurassic Park esque!

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