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Happiness Diaries Episode 24: Amy Wainwright (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

Amy is awesome and insightful, and like many people on here I barely know her having spent a grand total of about 3 hours together where I enjoyed her generosity in the form of a peanut butter sandwich and a coffee.... I'll get you back on that one day! In that meeting and in talking online since, it's clear that her confident approach to life leads her towards so many enjoyable and enlightening experiences and her introspective reply to the happiness diaries reflects that.

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Happiness Diaries Episode 23:  Kitti Tantibankul (Phuket, Thailand)

Kitti runs a small camping gear store in Phuket where he and his wife help people get set up for real adventures like the ones they take their children on. Incredibly knowledgeable and helpful, he went above and beyond what any store owner would ever need to do, and I'm eternally grateful.

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