Mindcheck.ca (Soon to be Foundrybc)

This website was created to help young people identify and understand distress they may be experiencing and to help them develop skills and strategies to manage mental health challenges. Recognizing signs early and finding ways to deal with them increases the chances of better long-term outcomes and mental wellness. 

Mental health challenges and substance use problems often start in adolescence and the young adult years. Research tells us that intervening early can prevent problems from worsening to the point where professional help is needed. Mental health disorders seldom appear in full bloom. Milder forms of symptoms often first emerge.

mindcheck.ca was originally created as part of a broader health literacy initiative implemented by the Early Intervention Project within Child, Youth and Young Adult Mental Health and Substance Use Services, Fraser Health, British Columbia, Canada. 

In 2010, Fraser Health formed a partnership with BC Mental Health and Substance Use Services, an agency of Provincial Health Services Authority, to expand mindcheck.ca into a provincial resource for youth and young adults. 

The creation of mindcheck.ca would not have been possible without our supporters and the numerous community organizations, schools, parents, and youth and young adults who have worked collaboratively with us throughout this initiative.