Nexx XD1 (Dual)
Brain Bucket

The last year and a half I've been riding with a Shoei RF1200, which is an amazing helmet. But, in a rush to pick one that fit nice (and matched my black bike) I picked a Black helmet. Looks? 10/10. Heat in the summer? Talk about scrambled eggs!

I did a lot of research looking into what helmet I wanted, and while I wasn't sure if an Adventure styled helmet was what I wanted I did know the visor could be a benefit sometimes. So, something with a removable visor, that looked good with or without, didn't weigh a lot, and came in a light colour was my starting point. Next... way too much time on revzilla reviews. 

"Whether you ride enduro, street, or off-road, the Nexx Dual is for you. Formerly known as the Nexx XD1 helmet, its aerodynamic profile is designed for controlling airflow, reducing lift and turbulence at fast speeds. It has more features built for comfort, convenience and protection than you can shake a stick at. Stick not included."

First Review
As I unpack it from the box for the first time, and finally have my hands on this engineering marvel, the first thing I can say is HOLY CROW this is a light! For a helmet that will be work for tens of thousands of kilometers man this will save my neck! In the box with the helmet is a slough of parts... GoPro mounts, wind deflectors, chin wind clip ins, pinlock... its the gift that keeps on giving. Now that it's unpacked, time for the first try on! I can definitely say the sizing chart is bang on. If you measure your head properly, ordering online is a synch. A great feature I didn't realize on purchase that I really appreciate is the rain lip on the back of the bucket... should really help keeping the wet stuff out of the neck! Ear holes have lots of room for headphones/earplugs, chin box is big enough for a beard, and evidently the most important piece is that it legitimately looks more awesome in person than in pictures. Taking the visor off for 'fighter pilot mode' also looks incredible... most adventure helmets look sort of silly without the peak!

Now to some of the (INCREDIBLY MINOR) downsides...
-  Removing the visor is a legitimate pain, and the clips for the visor feel loose without it.
- The chin strap has so much extra length it flaps around even folded up.
- The visor latch is a little bizarre and I seem to not close it all the way some of the time, with gloves sometimes its also a bit difficult to open.

I haven't done any real riding with it yet, as soon as I do I'll update my first opinions!