Forma Adventure

Had to find something that would provide ankle and foot support on the bike, for countless hours, that could handle the rigors of... well everything! Waterproof, comfortable, walkable... these boots seem to be everything I could want and More.

First Opinions:

These boots are massive compared to other boots of the same size... as opposed to my Icon Raiden DKR boots I've been using the last 2 years the footbeds are about a full cm longer! Right out of the box they are incredibly comfortable, feeling worn in from the get go... and they fit my fat feet. And, like every piece of equipment, the style is soooo important and these look pretty darn cool.

Let you know how they are after a few long rides!

"The Forma ATV One Boot is designed and produced for a wide variety of uses featuring a full grain Nabuk leather upper, Drytex lining and ATV double density grippy sole. Perfect for on and off bike such as trail riders and farm ATV use."

  • Full Grain oiled Nabuk leather upper

  • Drytex waterproof/breathable linning

  • Off-road anti-slip/oil rubber sole

  • Thermoformed Safety Ankle Shield for extra protection

  •  Vintage finish.

  • Injection moulded front plate

  • PU gear change pad

  • Air mesh moisture wicking internal lining,

  • Replaceable high impact GH brand buckles

  • Antibacterial replaceable footbed with Air Pump System

  • Made in Europe