The Route - Stage 1

08 Jan

My dad did something amazing for me... he gave me a proper out.

I'd been looking for a way to leave my job and head off travelling for about a year, never really being able to make that final push out the door. This fall, dad pushed me to come with him for a least a month down to his boat in Colon, Panama to sail and swim and enjoy the sun. Likely unable to get five or six weeks off very close to the end of a project I used this as my launchpad.

So here is the First Leg of the trip! The easiest for me because I don't have to plan any of it except for flights into Panama, and out of Belize (spoiler alert?)

Fly Vancouver to Panama City

Drive Panama city to Colon

Board the sailboat (two friends, my dad, his partner Cheryl, their dog Coal, and Me!) and provision from Colon.

Sail to Isla Escudo de Veraguas

Explore the Bocas del Toro area in Panama

Head North to Costa Rica (Limon) if the winds are forecast to allow it.

Next comes the first big test for the crew, as we go from Limon all the way to San Andreas. A Columbian island off the coast of nicaragua. Other than my dad, none of the rest of us have done any long distance open water sailing, so this will be new and exciting... at first. After a bit the 320 km (about 25-30 hours?) sail might get a little long.

Some time spent in San Andreas and Providencia before meandering onwards to Honduras!

At this moment I have absolutely no idea where in Honduras my dad is planning on taking us... other than Coxen Hole.

After meandering up the Honduran coast, and making a slight dip in the the Guatemalan corner, we'll head up the coast to Placentia, Belize where we will meet my dads next crew: my aunt and uncle and one of his best friends. We'll take their rental car, meander up the coast to Belize city, and from here Geoff and Jesse will hop on a plane back to Vancouver and I'll hop on a plane to meet Robin in Auckland!

Anyone who has spent time on the East Coast of Panama, Costa Rica, Honduras, Guatemala, or Belize please give us your best recommendations... this area is new to all of us! 

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