The Idea for a Route

30 May

Picking a route is no easy task, you can research forever and still not know which way you lean! Picking countries to start, picking routes in the countries, seeing what other places you'd have to sacrifice if you do that route... there's no easy decisions to be made!

My first stop was the easiest choice: sailing with my dad on the lovely 'Second Chance II' from Panama to Belize. Without the push from my dad to join him, I probably not have left my work when I did. Once the decision was made to be gone for 1 month, and with a construction project nearing completion, it was easy to use this as a permanent end.

My first stop with the motorcycle was an easy choice too: New Zealand. My mum was a kiwi, and I have kiwi citizenship, but I haven't been down since childhood. Weather in February is good. I have a friend meandering about at that time, and a cousin as well! Timing couldn't be better.

The continuation of the trip through Oceania just makes sense... at least to me. I'll ship Robin to Australia, do a lap (or close to?) and continue up through Southeast Asia. But this is where the decisions get tough. Where can I go? Where do I need a guide? How do I get there?  For now the plan is to go to Indonesia to Malaysia, take a quick tour across the south of Thailand to end up in Cambodia and ride up through Laos where I'm meeting a tour across China (Advice here is needed!! Should I go through Tibet and end in Kyrgyzstan or straight North to Mongolia??)

From here it is a zig zag across the silk road to Europe... so long as I can figure out the visas... and then I'll have to decide how I feel about either continuing the journey onwards and completing a full RTW, or taking a break for the winter.

For anyone that has been to these places, please reach out to me! I'd love all the tips, tricks, and advice for anywhere in the world... because while now its a far off dream.... I'd like to go down from Europe through Africa, across to South America, and up to home.... or off somewhere else :D

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